Incredibly easy overnight loaf

Incredibly easy overnight loaf


This is the best, most artizan-y bread i’ve ever managed to make at home. Its incredible airy and light as well as having a crunchy crust on the outside from the pot you cook it in. It’s also incredibly low effort – not needing any kneeding at all. Just mix, leave and bake. 


500g self raising flour or strong white bread flour (i’ve tried both and they honestly both work fine – just use whichever you have)

7g dried yeast

5-10g salt

300ml water


Mix together the flour, salt and yeast and add the water, bringing it together into a dough with a spoon and your hand if needed. You don’t have to kneed it at all, just cover the dough in a bowl with cling film or a tea towel and leave it somewhere it won’t get knocked over – doesn’t need to be somewhere warm, anywhere will do. 

The next day (try to leave it for at least 8 hours but up to 12 or even longer is fine too), turn your oven up to the highest temperature it will go to (around 240 degree is good) and leave your pot in there whilst it heats up. When the oven is at temperature pull out your screaming hot pot and add a sprinkling of flour in the bottom (which will help it not stick).

Take the ball of dough out of its bowl and shape it approximately into a ball with help from a bit of flour. Drop the ball into your pot and put the lid on. 

Bake the bread with the lid on for around 30 minutes – it should be smelling lovely by then. You’ll be very surprised how much it expands while in the pot (i think this is from the release of steam). Then remove the lid and bake for another 15-25 minutes to get the top as nice and golden as you like it.

Eat hot from the over with salted butter for the best experience of your life. 




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