Creamy Butter Bean Stew

Creamy Butter Bean Stew


This would make a great dinner party options for vegetarians (just substitute for vegetarian Worcester sauce or soy sauce). You can serve it with rice, potatoes or salad. It’s creamy, savoury and yummy. Oh and pretty cheap and easy too. 


2 medium leeks

2 tins butter beans

150ml single cream (or crème fraîche)

4-5 garlic cloves

150g frozen peas

1tbsp grain mustard (or any mustard you like)

Dried rosemary and thyme

2 tbsp Worcester sauce

2 tsp (or half a cube) Vegetable bullion or stock cube


Slice the leeks into half moons, put into a colander and rinse thoroughly. Put into a saucepan with a bit of oil and put the lid on so they steam in the residual water – leave for about 15 mins. 

Mince or crush the garlic and add it to the pan. Fry for a few minutes and add a few pinches of rosemary and thyme (then add a bit more).

Add the butter bins with the juice in the tins, plus the bullion powder, Worcester sauce, mustard and some salt and pepper. 

Let it simmer together for 15 more minutes and add half a mug of hot water if you think it needs it.

To make it nice and thick get a stick blender and blend at one end of the pot for a few seconds. Don’t blend it entirely, just enough to make it a bit thicker. Stop when you’re happy with the consistency. 

Add the cream and let it come back to a simmer. Then turn off the heat and add the frozen peas. Leave it without heat but with the lid on for a further 10 minutes – a good time to make your rice. 





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